Backup Your WordPress Website

Why you should backup your website

Why are backups so important?

Your business website or personal blog are important to you and your business. What would happen if you lost all that hard work, all those pages of valuable content, images and business related work? This is why you should backup your website on a regular basis. Not only would your all your hard work would be lost, but it would affect your presence on the internet. You may even have to start all over again.

Imagine your business is a ‘wedding photographer’. You have tons of pictures and pages of content, showcasing your work and your talent. These pages are not only a portfolio for potential new clients, but they are linked from google search results.

Now imagine if all that was lost and when a potential new client came to your website and found nothing, or a ‘error 404, nothing found’ page. What would that do for your business? You could lose one new client, or possibly 100… Not ideal is it.

What could go wrong?

Your’e site could be hacked. You’re hosting account could fail (server issue). You could make a monumental mistake trying to edit your own site and just want to revert back to how it was. There are many reasons why backing up is important and many reasons why it’s needed.

Get a good backup plan in place

As a business owner or blog writer, you may not know the technicalities of backing up your website. And that’s ok. You don’t really need to learn it all. But, you should make sure that there is something set in place. So you can have peace of mind.

Most reputable hosting companies, will carry out daily backups of all your files. This is good. So make sure to ask for this feature when looking for a home for your website. Or perhaps you should re-locate if your current host doesn’t give you this feature.

What we do

At Inspired Worx, our hosting comes with daily backups. On top of that, we can also offer a automatic backup system which backs up your website and it’s data whenever you want. This is usually set at a weekly rate, but can be altered to whatever you’d prefer. You want a backup system that is reliable, complete and automatic, so you don’t need to worry.

So personally speaking, we have all bases covered here at Inspired Worx. And we would recommend the exact same system for all our clients and anyone else out there, running a serious website.


If your website runs on WordPress, then there are a number of backup plugins out there. All are different and offer different levels of options. We would recommend using BackupBuddy which is a premium plugin. It offers simple set and forget backups. Either database only, or database and files. You can choose which folders and files to include or not include and also choose whether to store your backups online, in the cloud or get them email to you directly.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do here, or if you’d like to find out about our very own WP Site Care plan, please just get in touch.

What do you use for backups? We’d love to know. Feel free to comment below.

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