Because U Can

Natasha had setup Because U Can to help others. But what she needed was someone to help with her online identity. The website she had put together her self didn’t look professional or really showcase the great services she has to offer.

It didn’t clearly show what she was about and what she could do to help people. I decided to contact Natasha to offer my help and we worked together on creating a wonderful new website for her.


When designing the new site for Because U Can, I decided to give it a more minimal, simple approach than the previous website. I wanted Natasha’s clients to be able to see what services were on offer, without too much text and clutter. The homepage has just the right amount of information about the business. It looks more professional and is aimed towards her main clientele, where she provides training workshops and group coaching to companies and other businesses.

The new website features a mobile-first, responsive design approach so that the website looks and functions great on mobile devices as well as full screen desktop. Built on top of WordPress, the site is also fully editable by Natasha so that she is in full control of the content.

Service exceeded professional. I was informed throughout the project and asked for my input throughout. I got exactly what I wanted and the website surpassed my expectations. It’s amazing and I love it. Thank you! – Natasha Davies